Fruit juices=Acid Erosion=Tooth Wear


Did you know that Acid erosion is the leading cause for tooth wear? It affects 1 in 3 adults, most of times patients are not aware of the enamel wear until is to late.  Dental erosion is also the most common chronic disease of children ages 5–17.  Early detection is important.  The causatives are most commonly determined during the dental interview. A discussion of your diet is very important and your dental team can provide you with usefull tips to control this problem

Although it is only relatively recently that it has been recognised as a dental health problem. There is generally widespread ignorance of the damaging effects of acid erosion; this is particularly the case with erosion due to fruit juices, as they tend to be seen as healthy.  And they are, but you need to know that if unchecked the acids in your Fruit Blast might deteriorate your pearly whites in the long run.

The most common cause of erosion is by acidic foods and drinks. In general, foods and drinks with a pH below 5.0–5.7 have been known to trigger dental erosion effects. Frequency rather than total intake of acidic juices is considered key. So lower the frequency.

Here are some of the usual suspects;

Fruit juice, sports drinks, wine, beer and carbonated drinks. Orange, apple, lime and lemonades, colas.

A number of medications such as vitamin C, aspirin and some iron preparations are acidic and may contribute towards acid erosion as well.

People with diseases such as anorexia nervosabulimia, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) often suffer dental erosion.

Saliva is a natural buffer that will neutralize acids in your mouth and remineralize your teeth, promoting salivation by chewing Sugarless gum, or flushing away acids with drinking water is your first line of defense against tooth structure loss due to acids.

There are several options to restore a debilitated mouth by wear.

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Disclaimer: ALL information displayed is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered as medical advice.  Consult your Doctor before drastically changing your habits.

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