Why would you need a CT scan?

What is a CBCT or Cone Beam Computerized Tomography? 

This is probably one of the greatest advances in radiography for the dental practice in the last years. A CBCT or CT scan is basically a 3 dimensional radiograph that is managed digitally and can be manipulated and analyzed in any angle and direction. It provides a real model of the face and jaw bones, so we are able to know exactly all the anatomical features and characteristics of the whole face or jaw and area to be treated by a 0.1mm error…very little

With it a more accurate diagnosis can be achieved and a complex treatment plan can be designed accurately in just minutes.

It it an invaluable tool when it comes to oral surgery and implants. Fractured teeth can be almost impossible to detect on traditional 2 dimensional radiographs. With a CT scan it is now possible to easily detect these fractures.

Another important thing to mention is that the radiation is very limited and you would probably get more radiation from a day at the beach or an airplane trip to NYC.

So if you are in need of dental implants, extractions or have a tooth or condition that requieres the best detail and planning. You probably would benefit from this technology.


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